Friday, 31 December 2010

Fairwell 2010 ~ Welcome 2011

Just like every end of year in the history, people set a list of things they expect in the coming year, a new year's resolution to be more precise. So here's my list for 2011:

1. Get in shape physically and mentally (I make this the top of my list every year)
2. Get my TOEFL done by February
3. Enroll into a MBA course
4. Be a strategic planner in a global agency
5. Reach 5 digits in my saving account
6. Create at least three mind blasting ad plans by the end of the year
7. Be more active in photography and upload at least 10 good photos into my portfolio in each month
8. Write and read more
9. Go home more often
10. Upload my blogs more often

I am expecting lots of changes in 2011. Hopefully it'll be a great year for everyone.
Happy New Year!!

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