Monday, 28 June 2010

The big comeback

Oh my.. seems like I have abandoned my blog for almost four months now. Just some quick updates on my life. Many things had happened in this few months time. First thing, I am sick. I am having bad cough and it's disturbing my sleep since days ago. =( Well, I am now done with my studies and 'almost' working. Not really a huge transition since previously when I was still in my final I was already working. Just for now, I have a lot of my own time and I rarely socialise. It has only been two weeks since my last class and I am already feeling guilty for not doing anything productive. Most of my friends are now doing their internships, I am too supposedly. But my internship is too easy because I am now an intern for the company that I was working with. I spend most of my time at home now since most of my work is home based and all I need is my laptop. I still need to travel for the wedding shoots at times and I am still busy at most time. Maybe I am complaining too much. I just can't imagine myself working without an office or at least dress well or out of my bed. So with the time and freedom I had, I thought of many things to do. Many things that I wanted to do for a very long time, like going places, snapping pictures, lose like a million pounds, work on a DIY production and the dream goes on and on and on bla bla bla... however, I am still here at the same spot doing nothing. Hmm.. what is my problem I wander. I have a friend that just passed away a week after our graduation. Sad huh? It was unbelievable to all of us, but well, shit happens. Though I was not as close to him as some of my other friends, I know him pretty well as we had been in the same class for 3 years. So many mourned for him, I did too, for days. And I thought how can a person made so many people cared about him and sad for so long for his departure although those people may not be even close to him? Joash is the most selfless person I met in my life. I don't know about other people, but I have not known anyone else that don't think of themselves or rarely. And for that, he had lotsa friends, lotsa real friends that won't look at money or benefits or anything else. Something I learned from this guy, sometimes we should just do things for people for good and never think of the return. Maybe like that people can be happier. I have yet found a way straight to happiness. Maybe I should take some time to ponder about this question and have my life sort out a bit.

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